• Education: To offer guidance and assistance for higher education
  • Healthcare: To support deserving healthcare need
  • Business: To initiate job opportunities for Chitpavans and business development
  • Networking: To create a social and professional networking platform for all Chitpavans
  • To preserve, propagate and share our sanskars and culture and pass on to next generations
  1. To take special efforts to preserve Chitpavan sanskars and Culture
  2. To collect and compile a computerized database of all Chitpavans
  3. Every Chitpavan must register his name and make others aware of his
  4. To conduct workshops, seminars and lectures by eminent and successful personalities for Chitpavans to get proper guidance in various fields.
    • Chitpavan Entrepreneurs
    • Career Development
    • Personality Development
    • Music
    • Careers in IT Field
    • Vocational Guidance
Be there to witness this grand Chitpavan movement!

Chitpavan Foundation has been registered for undertaking CSR activities and the Registration number is CSR00006046. Please refer the registration number for any further communication.