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Strength in Unity

Every person in life has ambition in life and to keep the ambition alive, he or she needs to carry pride in something. All of us are very proud being Indians and that inspires us to fulfill many of our ambitions especially when we are in any other country. To make it more focused, some carry pride of their city or village and work for it. Anywhere in the world, community is one of the major inspiring paraphernalia that we carry. With similar thought process after 2007 mega global event when in the first time in the history, so many Chitpavans gathered together, many people realized that having pride in being Chitpavan can be a great driver for the men and women, girls and boys to have greater ambitions in life. Fulfilling of such aspirations can be boosted by having some formal organization in place. This will not only help the individuals but also the society at large and the nation.

Chitpavan Foundation was formed with the similar objective to synchronize efforts of various community groups in form of Sangh, Katta and such other local forms at a global level. The basic mission of the Foundation is to encourage economic upliftment of the community and welfare of the society at large. The activities of the Foundation are sought to include the area of Education where the students in the community can be guided with the experts and experienced seniors for higher education and assist from various channels to get financial help for the purpose. Encouraging youngsters in the community to join the Administrative Services, Arm Forces is also its motto. Foundation also seeks to help community and the society at large in the area of healthcare. This can be achieved either out of Foundation's own funds or arranging them from other institutions or individuals engaged in such activities. The community is known for its business acumen . The foundation seeks to bring the business people in the community well networked so that their business needs can be fulfilled, as a matter of choice, by the businesses run by the community people. Foundation also wants these successful businessmen and women to guide the aspiring and budding entrepreneurs to create value for themselves and for the society. Encouraging various local 'Udyojak Manch' is one of the means to enhance the network of such young and senior business people in the community. Similarly, the Foundation seeks the opportunities for the deserving candidates to seek their jobs in their desired fields of interest. Foundation on its own getting these various areas activated successfully with the help of its Board members, national and international coordinators and various local Chitpavan organizations and individuals spread around the world. Creating entrepreneurs network, strengthing activities of various Sanghas, Kattas and Kula Mandalas, arranging or sponsoring events are few of the means to help achieve these objectives.

Chitpavan Foundation also makes every attempt to ensure that our 'sanskars' and the value systems some of which are peculiar to the Chitpavan community, are preserved, promulgated and shared amongst all the community people. Foundation also seeks to promote the art and culture and cuisine peculiar to the community on various forums.

Chitpavan Foundation is committed to facilitate the Chitpavan community on every other count. All of this would need gigantic resources in the form of time and efforts. Needless to say, this is possible only by your support and active participation.

Chitpavan Directors, Coordinators & Facilitators

Name Designation Email id
Shri Ram Bhogale Chairman
Shri Pramod Lele Director lelepramod@yahoo.com
Shri Deepak Ghaisas Director
Shri Subhash Dandekar Director
Shri Shrikant Paranjape Director
Shri Jayant Mhaiskar Director
Shri Ashok Vaze  Chief Coordinator kcvaze@yahoo.co.in
Shri Anil Nene (UK) International Coordinator anilnene@aol.com
Shri Santosh Nene Facilitator santoshnene@hotmail.com
Shri Amrut Phanse Facilitator amrutphanse13@rediffmail.com